This is my new site. I decided I needed a space to get these random thoughts off. If I'm curating playlists or sharing my opinions on your goofy "President" or talking about what I'm eating or what I'm wearing, it's all going to happen here. I used to struggle when it came to my art, my voice and my identity. Everyone telling you that you have to do one thing. Say one thing. Be one thing.

And that's just not me.

I want to get real deep about Black hypermasculinity one minute and then play State Property the next. I want to share which crystals I've been working with to maintain peace and remind you that you can get diced up easily for talking to me or about me (read: BLACK WOMEN) sideways. But most importantly, I want to be free. Because I am multifaceted, three-dimensional and most importantly not a monolith.  

Like Deniece Williams sings: "But I want to be free, free, free/And I just got to be me, yeah, me, me."

Nadirah Simmons